About Us


Our mission is to join together to worship the creating, caring God and as God's partners, continue the work of Jesus Christ. We seek to provide spiritual support for each person's faith journey and to be an available, dependable channel of Christian love. By celebrating diversity and remaining open to innovation, we aim to nurture one another to wholeness and be motivated to ministry in our community, environment and the world.

We as a congregation, wish to invite diversity into our church by embracing persons of all ethnicities, all genders, all sexual orientations, all ages, all educational backgrounds, all faith backgrounds, all mental and physical abilities, and regardless of social or economic status.

We welcome all family structures and individuals to participate fully in the life, leadership, ministry, worship, service, mission, and any other responsibilities of this church as they feel called to do.  

Through the guidance of God, we are committed to embrace all people and to celebrate the diversity in which God has created us.



All are welcome at 10:00 AM for Sunday Worship in our beautiful sanctuary. We provide infant/toddler care. Children begin the service with their families, then continue with age-appropriate Sunday School. Don't miss coffee and conversation after the service!

Upcoming Events

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Los Altos United Church of Christ has a place for you in our inter-generational church family. We are a closely knit, supportive group of families, couples, singles, youth, seniors, neighbors and friends who welcome searching minds and spirits. We are open to varying political and theological points of view. Our members follow Jesus while respecting other faith traditions.